Character Descriptions

Bounty Hunter

Vicious paracritter on the loose? Escaped murderer on the run? Rebellious daughter ran off with a ganger again? The Bounty Hunter’s the guy to call. The ultimate stalker, he lives for the thrill of the chase – the thought of pitting his skills and his customized toys against the instincts of a dangerous animal or criminal is what makes him happy to get up in the morning. He’ll track down prey of any variety – two-legged or four-legged – as long as the pay is good. He’ll hunt ‘em down and bring ‘em back alive, hunt ’em down and bring back the body, or hunt ‘em down and just bring back a souvenir. Rest assured, the Bounty Hunter always gets what he’s after.

Combat Mage

Whether you need your damage dished out physically or magically, the Combat Mage is your guy. You won’t find him poring over mystical tomes in a library or pondering the meaning of life under the stars- he was trained for action, and smack in the middle of it is where he likes to be. With a full repertoire of punishing spells to match his impressive arsenal of artillery and his formidable fighting skills, he’s guaranteed to have the right tool for the job. Support is not the Combat Mage’s forte – he won’t hang back in the rear to heal up his comrades or maintain the stealth and protection spells – he’ll be at the front, fighting side by side with the street samurai and the adept.

Covert-Ops Specialist

When the Covert Ops Specialist is doing his best work, you’ll never see him. A master of infiltration and espionage, he’s highly trained in the art of getting in, getting what he’s looking for (be it information, that hot new prototype, or the security codes for the corp’s secret R&D lab), and getting out. He moves like a ghost, quick and quiet, and his specialized gear helps him pass unseen and gather the information he needs. Don’t think he can’t handle himself in less covert circumstances, though—if need be, he can talk or fight his way out of most situations.

Drone Rigger

The Drone Rigger loves to be elbows-deep in his latest project—tweaking and adjusting it until it runs ten times better than it ever did straight out of the box. Otherwise, he prefers to be “inside” one of his drones—his mind joined to its electronic circuitry, moving it as if it were his own body. His services are in high demand; drones are prized for surveil- lance, protection, and attack. On shadow- runs, he can direct his cadre of mechanical servants to perform jobs that are too touchy (or too dangerous) for live teammates to do. The drones’ wide range of sizes—from small enough to fit in a pocket to large enough to carry an entire team—means he’s got an option for every eventuality.


When you need legs broken, outlooks rearranged, or just a little show of force to convince somebody that you mean business, give the Enforcer a call. He’s big, he’s strong he’s tough, and many times just having him show up and look intimidating is enough to get the target to fall into line. If not, he can handle the situation in any number of ways, from bare fists and baseball bats all the way up to bad-ass blades and heavy artillery. The Enforcer has seen just about everything there is to see on the streets while working strong-arm duty for corp and mob bigwigs, and he’s smart enough to know a good deal when he sees one. These days, he’s looking to move beyond merely using his talents in the service of others; sure, that pays well, but if he can eliminate the middleman and handle the jobs himself, well – than can pay even better.


Living in the shadows isn’t all about big guns, major mojo, and dancing the electron two- step. Sometimes a more personal approach is needed, and that’s where the Face comes in. As the public persona of the shadowrunning team, he uses his charm and charisma to negotiate with Mr. Johnson, wine and dine information sources, and talk his way out of tricky situations where blazing guns aren’t the smart way to go. The Face’s strengths are in his wide web of contacts and business associates, magnetic personality, and an uncanny ability to figure out what people want and give it to them—all the while cutting a better deal for himself and his team. He’s got style, he’s got flair, he’s up on all the latest fashions and trends, and he’s just as comfortable chatting over drinks with a corporate bigwig as he is dis- cussing this year’s Urban Brawl draft with a group of sprawl gangers. He’s the consummate social chameleon, easily slipping in and out of character to make the best of any situation.

Gunslinger Adept

Many adepts channel their magical abilities toward honing their bodies into lethal unarmed killing machines, but the Gunslinger Adept has a different approach. With her uncanny aility to wield firearms of all types, she leans more toward Gun Fu than Kung Fu, taking down challengers before they’ve even had a chance to draw. The Gunslinger Adept can perform tricks with firearms that post people can only dream of copying, but if the going should ever get tough she can also count on her phenomenal streak of luck to pull her butt out of the fire long enough for her to set her guns blazing once more. “One shot, one kill” is her motto- sure, on the mean streets of the Sixth World it’s hard to fulfill that vow every time, but nonetheless she doesn’t often miss what she’s aiming at. A peerless gun for hire, the Gunslinger Adept finds no job too small and no challenge too great.

Occult Investigator

If you’ve got anything to hide, you’d better hope that the Occult Investigator isn’t on your tail— because it won’t stay hidden for long. An Awakened version of the traditional gumshoe detective, he uses an eclectic mix of spells to supplement his impressive talents in investigation, his dogged persistence, and his vast network of street contacts. Equal parts bloodhound and crusader, once he’s on a trail he will fol- low it until he’s run it to ground and found the information (or the suspect) he’s looking for. In his past, he was on track to be a top detective in conventional law enforcement, but certain disagreements over philosophy spurred him to break off and go freelance, making his talents available to those who need a little extra edge on the streets.

Radical Ecoshaman

Metahumanity has spent far too long raping the earth in the pursuit of “progress,” and the Radical Eco-Shaman is ready to exact a little revenge in the name of Mother Gaia. Though her ideals are peaceful, she’s no pacifist—she’ll do whatever it takes to strike back at the people and corps she believes are destroying the planet, from spiking trees and blowing up bulldoz- ers to organizing rallies and staging media events to publicize the cause. The fact that she’s Awakened and therefore more closely connected to the Earth not only makes her more devoted to her crusade, but gives her magical firepower that can’t hurt when she needs to get the job done. She will avoid risking lives—damaging property is what hurts the corps’ bottom line any- way—and with her healing skills she can treat damage as well as dish it out. She’s a powerful ally, especially when going up against the very corporations she hates.


Part grease monkey, part hotshot driver, the Smuggler never met a vehicle she didn’t like—or couldn’t drive. Not only that, but she can fix it if it breaks down or gets shot up, and odds are very good that she can improve it so it will do things that the original designer never intended. Whether screaming through a border crossing in a souped-up T-Bird or dogfighting in a specially modified cargo plane, the Smuggler’s got the nerve and the know-how to get your cargo where it needs to go in one piece. She knows all the checkpoints, all the weaknesses in border patrols, and every smuggling route from Seattle to Denver and beyond. If you need to get somewhere in a hurry without anybody knowing you’ve left, the Smuggler’s your best bet—but even if things get a little hot and you pick up a tail, she’s more than capable of blowing it away in vehicle-to-vehicle combat.

Sprawl Ganger

The Sprawl Ganger is an urban predator, born and raised on the streets and well versed in what it takes to survive in a world where anybody you meet might kill you because he doesn’t like your looks (or your colors). He’s tough, strong, and trained from childhood in the arts of combat, intimidation, and street smarts. He doesn’t need guns or magic to stay alive—his fists, a good lead pipe, a chain and a knife are his weapons of choice, and he’s very good at using them. He knows that to stay alive in the Barrens, you’ve either got to be the toughest hombre on the streets or under that hombre’s protection—and since he’s not about to kiss up to anybody, that only leaves him one choice. Still, though, he knows the score, and he knows that no matter how tough you are, there’s always somebody younger and tougher coming up behind you. This is why he’s looking for his ticket up to the next rung of the ladder—maybe doing some intimidation work for the local Mob family or running courier jobs for the area’s drug lord will get him noticed, and maybe getting noticed will give him a chance to show just how well this big fish in a small pond can swim with the sharks.

Street Samurai

Part man, part machine, all dangerous- sometimes it’s hard to tell where the Street Samurai’s meat body ends and her cybered enhancements begin. Tough, strong, frighteningly fast, and trained in the arts of combat and tactics, she’s a hyper-efficient killing machine who can handle just about any situation she gets into. Whether former military, former corp, or former something-she-won’t discuss, these days she’s a freelance street operative who prides herself on her strict sense of honor. She is as learned in the ways of the samurai warrior as she is in the practice of security procedures, and she prides herself on always remaining one step ahead of the dishonorable street scum who seek vainly to best her.


The Technomancer does not merely run the Matrix—he inhabits it, moving through it with the easy familiarity of a fish in home waters. He doesn’t need a clumsy commlink to give him access, nor does he need to spend his time writing tedious programs to do his bidding—his mind and his reflexes are all he needs to ride the electron waves and shape the virtual world. Touched by the Resonance, he communes with the soul of the machine and finds his home more among its datatrails and network traffic than he ever did among the streets and buildings of the sprawl.

Weapons Specialist

The Weapons Specialist is a literal martial artist. A master of unarmed combat, she is equally skilled at building and repairing weapons and armor of all types. If it deals damage or prevents you from getting hurt, she can fix it, improve it, or make you a new one. She’s up on all the latest developments in the weapons industry, and odds are she knows somebody who can get hold of that hot new toy that’s not quite on the market yet. She’s a veritable walking arsenal, bristling with guns, knives, and a few more exotic things squirreled away in her many pockets, but eve n if somebody manages to catch her unarmed, she’s a wiz at improvising weapons from whatever happens to be around her – including her opponents.

Character Descriptions

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